How the hell do I calculate that?: Steps = Miles

by Linda Carmical on January 28, 2010

5280 = 1 Mile

How many of your steps equals 1 mile?

  1. Measure off a length of 20 feet to walk.
  2. Start your walk a few steps in front of the 20 foot measurement. (Help with a true walking rhythm.)
  3. Start counting at the start-line and stop when one foot steps over the finish-line.

Tip: Doing this a few times (four times is even better) to get an average is recommended.

Find the Average

1st Walk Test — 12 steps
2nd Walk Test — 13 steps
3rd Walk Test — 11 steps
4th Walk Test — 12 steps

  1. Add the total steps then divide by your number of “Walk Tests”.
  2. In the above example:
    12 + 13 +11 +12 = 48

48 feet / 4 =12


20 feet / 12 feet = 1.7 feet

So, your stride length would be 19 inches, or 1.7 feet.


There are 5280 feet in one mile.

5280 feet in one mile / 1.7 feet stride length = 3106 Steps in Your Mile (Rounded up from 3105.88)

This means it will take you 3106 steps to walk one mile.

Steps to Miles Calculator

Using the formula above to determine your stride length, you can enter the number into this Steps to Miles Calculator Chart. It will calculate and tell you how many steps it is you take to walk one mile.


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