Can Walking Slower Burn More Fat?

by Linda Carmical on April 14, 2010

We walk every day, so why not find a way to use it to burn fat and lose weight? Why not find a way to walk better to heighten the amount of fat burned? Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk slower and melt fat off your body faster?


What’s the BIG DEAL with walking?

Walking is a great way to get in better shape and be healthier while increasing endurance. There’s more than one way to walk to get the desired results you want.

  • Slow - Builds endurance and definitely adds healthy benefits.
  • Moderate / Slow Jog - Burns fat, builds endurance, increases cardio results, increased healthy benefits.
  • Fast / Jogging / Running - Burns sugar calories, builds endurance level drastically, heightens cardio results, increased healthy benefits.

What does walking faster do?

What does walking slower do?

So, how do you walk to burn fat?

“There’s a trick to getting into an optimal fat burning zone…”

Breathe Your Way to a Thinner You!

“Get as much oxygen as you can to as many muscles as you can to…”

How do you Stoke Your Fat Burning Fire?

  1. Low and Rhythmic Workout
  2. Abdominal Breathing

Teach Yourself the Technique

“The trick to using abdominal breathing during walking…”

“By following this breathing pattern from your abdomen you’ll send…”

You can find out about optimizing your body’s fat burning furnace by reading “Walk Slow to Burn Fat? Does slower mean less?” and start melting the pounds away. Work smarter not harder.


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