Gettin’ Phit Honesty System

by Linda Carmical on January 28, 2010

Are you ready to walk? Do you have your walking shoes ready? How will you track your miles walked? A pedometer? A treadmill? Maybe you’ve driven your route and you’ll be letting your odometer mark your mile(s) for you? Or, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones to have a Wii Fit to help you out? Then again maybe you’re planning the hard way of figuring out your stride then figuring out how many steps you have to take to equal a mile? I’ve put together a little “How the hell do I calculate that?” for you. Have a look.

Whatever your way of keeping track, it’s all relative and doesn’t matter. All that matters is you get to steppin’ and on a journey to a healthier you! Soon you’ll receive access to a “Track Your Walking Log” to keep a record of your miles walked.

By now every registered participant in the Walking Contest has received two emails.

  1. Welcome and Thank You For Registering
  2. Walk Across America Walking Contest Honor System Agreement

Please be sure to complete the agreement and get it submitted no later than February 2, 2010, at 9:00pm EST.

This needs to be done to assure you are an active participant and eligible for any prizes!


Anyone can join in by clicking the Event Registration tab at the top of this page. Get a friend to sign up too and have a walking buddy! Join the Phitter community and have a whole bunch of phitters (people) to support you. Got your own online workout/getting healthy community you’re already a part of? Tell them about it and get them to sign up too! The more the merrier!

Got any suggestions for this blog? Tell me about it…leave a comment.

Happy Steppin’ ;-)


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